1. Downton Abbey 5x02 or “why are they all talking about sex?”

    Leaving the sex for later, I have to say there were parts of the episode I really liked.

    I really appreciate the WWI memorial storyline, not only because it’s a good way for DA to celebrate the 100 years from the war itself, but it also makes for some very good moments between Robert and Carson. I like how their relationship is always kept within the boundaries of a Lord/servant relationship, but it is interesting to see them disagree over where to build the memorial and I loved both the first scene with the lady from the village (who, as she did in the premiere, was having none of Robert’s bullshit) and the one in the village, with the war widow. That was actually a touching moment, one that finally convinced Carson of the opportunity to build the memorial in the village where people can see it and pass by it everyday (and at the same time this saves Robert’s beloved cricket playfield, so that’s a plus).

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  2. "

    Meanwhile, Mary was arriving at her hotel, in Liverpool. This isn’t just pre-marital sex. This is pre-marital sex in Liverpool. The sheer recklessness was intoxicating.

    Having entered her room, she heard a knock at the connecting door and found Gillingham there, freshly Brylcreemed and raring to go. After a slap-up dinner nearby, he said, they would return to their room.

    “And make love?” said Mary, thawing furiously.

    “We’ll make love all night and in fact for as long as either of us has any stamina left,” purred Gillingham, although the stamina in question is surely that of the thing Anna bought from the chemist. Will it hold? Will Mary rue Anna’s failure to pick up an instruction manual, and her blasé advice that there wasn’t “anything too difficult to fasten”? With Mary’s reputation and potentially Gillingham’s life at stake – do prophylactics offer temporary protection from her curse? – we can only cross our fingers.

    — Radio Times DA 5x02 review (x).

  3. oneithersidetheriverlie:

    Could she really be with a man like Anthony Gillingham (Tom Cullen) before marriage? This is an idea that has come out of a debate she is having both internally and externally with him, largely because she wants to perceive this relationship as different. Why not make sure that you want to be with someone before deciding to marry them? Mary will ponder this, and Michelle Dockery explains this process 

    “She’s toying with the idea of having a relationship with a man that’s not in a marriage … she’s starting to ask questions, like, ‘Why can’t I be absolutely sure about it before I decide to walk down the aisle with him?’. It’s an incredibly brave thing she’s doing because someone like her father would be outraged.”

    This is a fascinating story for us to watch unfold, largely because of the fact that we feel like this was completely born out of organic storytelling. Julian Fellowes is not throwing this story upon us just for the sake of being progressive. Instead, he is doing so just so that we can understand Mary better. She’s already lost one husband, and with a son and a busy life, she may not want to waste a whole lot of time on marriage unless she can be sure it will be a happy one.


    This is a fascinating story for us to watch unfold, largely because of the fact that we feel like this was completely born out of organic storytelling. Julian Fellowes is not throwing this story upon us just for the sake of being progressive.


    I wonder if these guys watched the same episode I did, because Mary’s wondering about pre-marriage sex is coming out of nowhere, the storytelling is everything but organic, JF is definitely throwing a story for the sake of having the word ‘sex’ said as much as possible on DA.

    Plus, all the scenes leading up to the actually meeting in the hotel (Mary and Anna talking about contraceptives, Blake trying to warn Mary by insulting his competitor and Mary trying to sound excited about Gillingham) were really really bad, and by bad I mean embarassing and cringeworthy.

    Also,Cullen is a terrible actor (at least he is in Downton Abbey, because I liked him in other things) and he can’t really save most of the lines he had, which he still manages to say with a straight face, something that’s definitely worth phraising. 

    But from wherever you look at it, this is a terrible storyline and not even Michelle, who doesn’t seem too convinced about what is going on in Mary’s head part of the time, can save it, I’m sorry.


  4. Mary’s storyline in S5 so far

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  7. 1.07 | 5.01

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  8. “I’m going upstairs to take off my hat”


    No, I’m not here to gush about this line as I’ve seen in a couple of reviews for 5x01. If anything, I think it just another example of the massive amount of lines (and storylines) recycling going on in this premiere, which at the same time gave the episode an impression of something known and beloved and made it less fresh and strong than a series opener should be, at least in my opinion.

    But that’s not the point of this post.

    A lovely gifset put side by side this line of Mary’s in 5x01 and the similar line spoken by Cora, almost five years ago, in the final episode of season one, and it prompted me to think about these two women of Downton and their roles (of power) in a changing society. Without wanting to get into how historical accurate Downton is or is not in its representation of social change in Britain before and after the war (it’s really not my area, also), when faced with these two scenes, my mind finds the comparison/parallel rather interesting and so I’m latching onto that :)

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  9. So, about that MM event…

    … it seems to me that more people are inclined toward November (which is actually pretty good for me too, and, based on last year, it should leave enough time to prep for the MM Secret Santa project :)

    So the day will November 8th.

    I also think a free theme is in order this time, so no limitations at all :)

    I’ll post the official call in a few days!! Isn’t that… all sorts of exciting?


  10. I think it’s time for another MM event. Don’t you?

    As usual, I think it should be in about a month from now, so maybe October 25th or 26th? Or maybe a bit later, in November (8th or 9th)? I’m leaning towards this last date as I write, but as always, I’m looking forward to hear your suggestions.

    Suggestions and ideas are welcome about the theme of the day as well, if we want to have one. Last time we did a MM Alternative Universe Fest and it was great fun, so: would you like a specific theme, and what would you like? Or do you prefer the subject to be free as we did back in March (with the MM Celebration Day)?

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  11. Anonymous said: Thoughts on DA, well Violet and Isobel plot iffy but probably the most enjoyable part of the episode. Mary and Gilly no chemistry, she looked like a bored statue . Edith for the first time had the most interesting story line, which is strange to say. But I saw nothing else of interest. I don't know if even Carson and Hughes can save this season. Because I can see a train wreck in the making.

    Hi there :)

    The Violet/Isobel dynamic was truly fun to watch, although Violet’s motives are far from honourable and to be honest her meddling came out as petty and selfish and a little ridiculous even. Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton, however, do a fine job with whatever comes their way, and make every scene enjoyable to watch, not matter how silly its contents, really.

    I will admit that Mary and Gillingham do have some chemistry. It’s not the earthshaking chemistry Mary had with Matthew—but then again, I rarely saw anything like it in television, because Michelle and Dan together gave life to two characters that seemed drawn to one another with every breath, and that is really hard to duplicate—but there is… something there, aside from his pushing and her stalling because she clearly is not convinced.

    I agree on Edith and Carson and Hughes were lovely, I so loved Carson’s embarassment at being preferred to the mighty Earl of Downton lol.

    It’s only the start. I think the show as a whole is quite enjoyable still (said by someone who refused for a LONG time to watch S4 because I was mournng my ship), but it has a different feeling than the ‘old Downton’, and maybe it’s supposed to be this way. After all, it’s been 12 years in the show and 5 in RL.

    Well, I don’t know, let’s talk again next week ;)

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    Downton Abbey 5.01

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  13. So midnightvea replied to my post “Alright then: Downton premiere thoughts” the other night, and since it’s basically another review of the episode, I’m going to post it under a cut with my reply ;)
    More talk about Sarah Bunting and especially about Gillingham’s character and why he puzzles me.
    Just as a reminder: all my DAS5 posts are tagged DAS5 spoilers, so blacklist to get it out of your dash ;)

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  14. Alright then: Downton premiere thoughts

    According to a few reactions I’ve seen, I’m afraid this will be a quite unpopular review (if we can even call it that, more like random thoughts coming all at once). I also must warn you that I’ve not actually seen S4, so I might have lost a few bits there, like…

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  15. So…. it’s Downton Day!! Are you excited?

    There are a few things I can’t wait to see, and others I almost dread, lol, but I’m sure it’ll be fun all around, and, most of all, it’ll be fun to read and enjoy your thoughts and comments during and after!

    You can come find me on my Twitter where I’ll post some immediate reactions, while a comment-post will appear here tomorrow, I think.

    So, my dear followes, if you are watching the show tonight, ENJOY! And since I know this fandom, please always be kind in your comments, whether you agree or not with what others think ;)

    Happy Sunday and keep the alcohol on hand tonight. I have a feeling we might be needing it :P