1. Michelle Dockery // 66th Primetime Emmy Awards // 2014

    You know, I think I’m warming to this dress :P

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    "My favorite spot is the bench under the tree, where Mary and Matthew were together… I don’t see (Dan Stevens) very often anymore, he now lives in New York, but I am very much proud of him and sometimes we even miss him.” [X]

    Michelle goes on to say she still wants to sing and dance in a film before having children.

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  3. Michelle Dockery attends the 66th Annual Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. on Monday (August 25) in Los Angeles.

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    I don’t think I can ever look at this gif enough

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    Site Update: HQ Tagless Photos Of Michelle Dockery (x)

    Note: Additional HQ Photos Of Her Will Be Added Throughout The Night.

    Please reblog. Link back to the gallery if you repost any or use for edits.

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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    : Michelle Dockery

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  7. Michelle Dockery and Joanne Froggatt being adorable at the TV Academy’s Performers Peer Group Reception.[x]

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    "In the beginning, when we were on set, we were quiet around Maggie but when she started making us laugh off camera, (she is very funny), we allowed ourselves to be a bit naughty with her. In front of an actress of her calibre you do your best to be professional but the moment we realised we could be naughty and misbehave with her it was just delightful and I think we all really bonded with her" - Michelle Dockery

    "Maggie’s sense of humour is so dry and quick - she’ll just pass by you and out pops a quip that makes you cry with laughter – she is so much fun. If I’ve learnt one thing on this job it is to laugh and not take myself too seriously" - Jessica Brown Findlay

    "The scene with us where she’s trying to get William back from the hospital and she’s on the telephone - I couldn’t control myself that day. It was too much. And I think she was aware of it so she didn’t help! She just kept being funnier and funnier every take! She’s a genius. It’s a great scene - I will show that one to grandkids, I’m sure." - Laura Carmichael

  12. Michelle Dockery photographed by Alex Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK August 2014 

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  13. The gown is simply gorgeous.

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    //Commissioned piece; time spent so far: Just over an hour.
    Quick glimpse for my Goose because I’m a tease.
    I usually work A3 at the moment but one of those babies can take around 10 hours so I’m working A5 for you due to time constraints, is that OK sweetie?
    (//^u^) her eyebrows are so neat and nice, I’m used to doing bushy ones, these though are a blessing!

    *heavy breathing*

    everything everything about this is OK it is perfect it’s gaaaaah WHY DO YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS??

    And yes she has the most perfect eyebrows we all love them so much, they have their own fan club

    I’m literally going to cry so much when I see it finished you need to prepare yourself for the floods of tears I will be in and the many hugs I will give you

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    Michelle Dockery, BTS Downton Abbey, S4 x

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